May 11, 2020How to - Art

How to Screen Print

Cut Pencil Stencil

Create your own stencils with Ezi-Cut Stencil paper for screen printing.
Project 1 - Instructions here

Speedball Drawing Fluid & Screen Filler 

Speedball Drawing Fluid is non-toxic, waterbased liquid and has been designed for use with Speedball Screen Filler in the Tusche - resist" or "Positive" methods of screen printing. It is applied with a paint brush over the area of the image required to be printed and allowed to dry. The screen is then coated with Screen Filler and allowed to dry. The drawing fluid is then washed from the screen with cold water to create the positive image to be printed with either water or solvent based inks.
Project 2 -  Step by step instructions here. 

Photo Emulsion

Project 3 - Instructions can be found here


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