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How to - Marabu

Silk Painting with Marabu Silk Paint

A versatile and permanent concentrated liquid colour for use on silk and fine cotton. Brilliant intensive colours with excellent flow properties and soft feel after painting. Once fixed, Marabu Silk Paint is resistant to washing and dry cleaning.
Project 1 - Instructions here.


Shibori Style Dyeing using Marabu Fashion Sprays

Project 2 - Instructions here

Stencilling with Marabu Textil Plus Markers

Marabu Textil Plus fabric markers work well on light and dark fabrics. Easy to use and soft to the touch. The highly pigmented, water-based paint is delivered via a unique pump system and can be heat fixed by ironing onto the reverse side of design. Purchase Marabu Textil Plus Markers here.
Project 3 - Learn how to use Marabu Textil Plus Markers with stencils here


Stencilling with Marabu Fashion Sprays

Water-based fabric spray paint, odourless and light-fast, brilliant colours, soft to the touch. Perfect for all light-coloured fabrics with up to 20% man-made fibres. After fixing washable up to 40C. Ideal for freehand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques. Use in combination with Marabu Fashion Liner to create the highlights, embellishments and shimmer effects. Purchase Marabu Fashion Sprays here
Project 4 - Learn how to use Marabu Fashion Sprays with stencils here



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