May 11, 2020How to - Art

Painting Techniques

Watercolour Techniques using Drawing Inks

Step by step guide on how to use Salt, Cling Wrap and Wax Crayons with Drawing Inks for your next Art Project here!


Brusho® is a unique, transparent, highly pigmented water colour ink powder available in an extensive range of 24 intermixable colours, in sizes - 15g and 50g. Brusho® is unique and renowned for it’s versitility. Many of the techniques can be achieved in no other way. Check out our range here. Learn how to use Brusho here

Atelier Pouring Medium

Atelier Pouring Medium thins the paint so it pours easily and forms smooth even puddles with no air bubbles. Increases colour transparency enhancing paint layering effects and dries to a beautiful gloss finish. Available in 250ml, 1ltr & 4ltr here. Learn how to use Atelier Pouring Medium here.





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