May 11, 2020How to - Textiles

Shiva Paintstiks on Fabrics

Shiva Oil Paintstiks on Fabrics

Oil painstiks are a non toxic oil paint in solid form, made up of pigment, linseed oil and a wax medium. They can be applied to most surfaces and can be cleaned up using warm soapy water.
Oil paintstiks are unique to the textile artist as they can be used on most fabrics…..natural, synthetic, leather and suede. Heat setting of the colour to the fabric is required if you are washing the garment. This is done using a dry iron.
Project 1 - Instructions here

Decorating fabric with Pre cut Stencils and Oil Paintstiks

Project 2 - Instructions here

Creating a Soft Stripe using Shiva Oil Sticks

Project 3 - Instructions here

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