May 11, 2020How to - Art


Clay Etching

Argila is a genuine, 100% natural pottery clay. Easy and pleasant to work with, it is deal for modelling, sculpting and using on the potter's wheel. It is an educational material suitable for children (3 years+) for the development of creative and perception skills. Argila is a very pure and fine milled clay. Its plasticity is well balanced in order to achieve best results during the modelling, drying and firing processes. The original colour remains intact after firing and the clay interacts extremely well with commercial grade, ceramic glazes. After finishing the desired piece, and after dry it is recommended to fire it in a kiln (between 970 and 10500C) and decorate it with ceramic glaze. The product conforms to the European product safety standard EN-71 and is certified an AP (Approved Product) non-toxic product by ACMI of USA and is labelled in accordance with the safety standard ASTM D4236. 
Available in red and white here. Learn how to create your own etches with Argila Clay here

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