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Scratch Foam Printing

Learn how to use Scratch Foam Boards to create your next artwork. 
Project 1 - Click here for instructions.


Monoprinting onto Paper with Acrylic Paints

Monoprinting is a simple technique to create an effective background.
Project 2 - Click here for instructions.


Akua Carborundum Gel

The Akua™ Carborundum Gel for platemaking is used to create collagraph printmaking plates. This ready-to-use platemaking gel offers a reliable medium that delivers fine, sharp detail and a uniquely textured surface that yields rich, velvety areas of color. 
Project 3 - Instructions can be found here. Purchase Akua Carborundum Gel here.

Solar Plate Etching

Solar plate etching is a method by which Photopolymer Printing Plates are used for wither intaglio or relief printing. UV light or sunlight is used to expose the image and tap water to etch the plate, thus eliminating the need to use acids etc in the classroom or studio. Used as relief, these photopolymer plates offer high quality and adaptable alternative to lino or other relief products. Solar plate etching has emerged over the last few years in Australia as a very real alternative to traditional type etching, due primarily to its non toxic qualities. The potential is unlimited in the styles and techniques obtained as well as improving the health and safety aspect of printing.
Project 4 - Instructions can be found here

Reductive Monotype

This mono printing method explores the idea of creating printed images by wiping away areas of ink.
Project 5 - Click here for instructions. 

Trace Monotype

Trace monotype is a direct- drawing printmaking technique. This simple technique uses minimal tools and can be extended to include a second or “ghost” print.
Project 6 - Click here for instructions. 

Monoprint & Drypoint

This method combines two printing techniques, a monoprint created in one colour, overprinted with a drypoint etching in another colour.
Project 7 - Click here for instructions. 

Drypoint Etching

Create Drypoint etches with drypoint plates & CD's. 
Project 8 - Click here for instructions. 

Paper Lithography

Project 9 - Click here for instructions. 

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